Karma and reincarnation

Life After Death Seminar

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Although we all have been on the other realms of Earth many times between our incarnations upon this physical realm, few of us remember anything about the conditions there. Master of Yoga, Dr. George King traveled to the subtle realms, from the highest to the lowest, many times in a conscious state of projection. Each time he returned with full memory of his experiences some of which on the higher planes were indescribably beautiful, while on the lower realms, in the actual “hells” of Earth, he saw the absolute depths and degradation to which humanity can fall. In his 60+ years of research, he learned that our life spent on this physical plane determines the kind of plane we inhabit after death and the conditions experienced there.

In this initiation seminar, Dr. King liberally shares his vast knowledge and experience of metaphysics so that we might better prepare ourselves now and live this life in such a way as to predetermine the realm to which we will vibrate after death.

Prior to listening to this, it is recommended to listen to Levels of Consciousness – Part 1: The Spirit World.


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