Man’s Mind

Imagination – Your Only Creative Faculty

Concentration, Contemplation, Meditation

Psychic Self-Defense

Karma and Reincarnation

How To Be Really Successful

How To Develop Your Clairvoyant Powers

Trance – Its Various Types

Levels of Consciousness – Part 1: The Spirit World

Levels of Consciousness – Part 2: Realms of the Masters

The Pendulum – How Does it Work?

The Spiritual Energy Crisis

Spiritual Healing

The Devic Kingdom

The Secret of Personal Prayer

The Psychic Centers – Their Significance and Development

How To Enhance Your Personal Magnetism

The Spiritual Path Is The Most Important Thing In Your Life

Psychometry – The Art Of Divination Through Objects

White Magic vs black magic

The Right Motive, The Right Power

The A-U-M

The Victory of Easter

Be Still – Be Wise – Be Gods!

The New Lord’s Prayer

The Prayer for Spiritual Workers

The Lord’s Prayer and The New Lord’s Prayer

The Occult Significance of Flying Saucers


The Difference Between the Mystic and the Occultist


Today as in The Days of Rome

Make Christmas A Time Of Giving

A Christmas Message For The Whole Year

Christmas – An Aspect of the Cosmic Plan

Psychic Development & Mental Illness

If I Could Choose


To Him Who Hath It Shall Be Given

The Responsibility of Receiving Great Wisdom

Key To Your Spiritual Progress

Service and Prayer

Do Not Break The Magic

Enjoy The Deep Warm Feeling Of Spiritual Accomplishment

Inspiration – Its True Meaning

Are All Men Equal?

Do Not Let Your Basic Self Fill Your Heart With Hate

The Significance of Time

Initiation Into Dynamic and Soul Mantra

Soul Mantra

Spiritual Education For Your Children

Your Basic Self – Your Worst Enemy

What Were The Occult Secrets of Jesus?

The Great White Brotherhood – the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth

The Cosmic Plan

The Next Master Is Coming

Operation Prayer Power

The Twelve Blessings

The Three Forms of Magic

Important Declaration Of Truth To Terra

Ye Are Gods

Action Is Essential

Fight Ye The Evil

Become More Useful Humans

Be Sane Ye Men

Soul Mates

The New World – Message To America

The Third Satellite

The First Blessing – They Who Work For Peace

The Second Blessing – The Wise Ones

The First and Second Blessing Lectures – They Who Work For Peace and The Wise Ones

The Third Blessing – They Who Love

The Third Blessing Lecture – They Who Love

The Fourth Blessing – The Planetary Ones

The Fifth Blessing – The Thanksgivers

The Fourth and Fifth Blessing Lectures – The Planetary Ones and The Thanksgivers

The Sixth Blessing – They Who Heal

The Seventh Blessing – The Mother Earth

The Sixth and Seventh Blessing Lectures – They Who Heal and The Mother Earth

The Eighth Blessing – The Mighty Sun

The Eighth Blessing Lecture – The Mighty Sun

The Ninth Blessing – The Supreme Lords Of Karma

The Ninth Blessing Lecture – The Supreme Lords Of Karma

The Tenth Blessing – The Galaxy

The Tenth Blessing Lecture – The Galaxy

The Eleventh Blessing – The Supreme Lords Of Creation

The Twelfth Blessing – The Absolute

The Eleventh and Twelfth Blessing Lectures – The Supreme Lords Of Creation and The Absolute

The Last Blessing – The Master Jesus

The First Freedom – Bravery

The First Freedom Lecture – Bravery

The Second Freedom – Love

The Second Freedom Lecture – Love

The Third Freedom – Service

The Third Freedom Lecture – Sevice

The Fourth Freedom – Enlightenment

The Fourth Freedom Lecture – Enlightenment

The Fifth Freedom – Cosmic Consciousness

The Fifth Freedom Lecture – Cosmic Consciousness

The Sixth Freedom – Ascension