The A-U-M

• Oct 22, 1964 • Beginner Friendly
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Much more than just a lecture, this is an initiation into the spiritual science of sacred sound. The A-U-M is a deeply holy, and very powerful mantra which should only be intoned by those who have been initiated into it by a Master who genuinely has the right to give such an initiation, which Dr. George King most certainly was.

This is a sound only to be used in spiritual services and practice sessions, and should never be uttered otherwise, even in spiritual conversation; instead it can be spelled out as A – U – M, or simply referred to as “The Word”. The more reverence one gives to this sacred sound, the more power it will yield.

This mantra will change your whole being – spiritualizing mind and body, and bringing you ever closer to the Divine Spark within. It is also a unique and highly potent method of radiating spiritual power in service and devotion.


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