Initiation Into Dynamic and Soul Mantra

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An Initiation by Dr. George King. Mantra is a mystical system of sacred sounds which create sonic vibrations through the brain and nerves when uttered. The correct performance of Mantra will enable you to increase your powers of concentration and enhance your Spiritual progress. It is designed to move subtle energies within the auric envelope and also attract subtle energies from outside the auric envelope so that you can become charged up with Nature’s finer forces.

In this recording, Master of Yoga Dr. George King initiates you into no less than eleven Mantras of great power and beauty. He discloses how his 30 years of research and use of Mantra led him to develop the powerful system of Dynamic Mantra and the mystical system of Soul Mantra. You are taught how to use these Mantras with no less than 20 demonstrations of the correct intonation of these Mantras (by students of Dr. King.)

The phonographic spelling of each of the Mantras is also included below.

If you practice these Mantras as taught, they will become an important milestone in your mental and Spiritual education and progress.

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