Mars Sector 6

Mars Sector 6 is a Karmic Lord and the controller of Satellite Number 3. He is one of the most advanced beings in our Solar System, and comes from a higher plane of existence of the planet Mars, as the pseudonym suggests. He is one of the most advanced beings who has ever communicated with humanity on Earth.

Ye Are Gods (Pray For These)

Action Is Essential (The Sorter Is Among You)

Fight Ye The Evil

Become More Useful Humans

Be Sane Ye Men

The Tenth Blessing – The Galaxy

The Twelfth Blessing – The Absolute

The First Freedom – Bravery

The Second Freedom – Love

The Third Freedom – Service

The Fourth Freedom – Enlightenment

The Fifth Freedom – Cosmic Consciousness

The Sixth Freedom – Ascension

The Seventh Freedom – Interplanetary Existence

The Eighth Freedom – Saturnian Existence

The Ninth Freedom – Solar Existence

Meditation For This Age

From Freewill To Freedom

Cosmic Missions

Further Revelations Regarding The Importance Of Operation Sunbeam

Revelations About A Psychic Center Of Earth

Watcher In The Night