From Freewill To Freedom

• Feb 28, 1960
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Two Cosmic Masters – Mars Sector 6 and The Master Aetherius – speak through the mediumship of Dr. George King to share their ancient wisdom for the benefit of all spiritual seekers.

In the long term, selfish use of our free will can only limit us, whereas selflessness is the key to lasting spiritual freedom.

This audio also includes a beautiful spiritual practice which cleanses the aura and protects you, using the violet flame from the Mother Earth and other spiritual energies.

In his lecture on this Transmission on December 2nd, 1961, Master of Yoga Dr. George King explains in riveting detail some of the deeper meaning of the words spoken by the Master Aetherius. He explains the path to enlightenment through service, why we should not be afraid of karma, and describes how the dark forces work tirelessly using their power and evil influence the world over to suppress spiritual truth, sow misinformation and stymie the path to spiritual freedom.

Cosmic Transmissions should be treated with great reverence – you are strongly advised to prepare yourself before listening, as described below.