Ye Are Gods (Pray For These)

, , • Nov 16, 1957 • Beginner Friendly
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Master of Yoga Dr. George King took this Transmission in front of about 400 people in London’s Caxton Hall on November 16th, 1957, despite receiving numerous death threats beforehand. These three Cosmic Transmissions by Mars Sector 6, the Master Aetherius and the Master Jesus constitute one of the greatest appeals for Spiritual action ever given to this world, informing us of our Divinity and urging us to let this truth manifest within ourselves. The energy in the room was so great that people were fainting because of it. You will hear the beautiful appeal of Jesus as He asks us to radiate power and energy to people throughout the world who are in desperate need, and invites us to become the lifelike image of the the one Divine creative Source from which we all came.

Cosmic Transmissions should be treated with great reverence – you are strongly advised to prepare yourself before listening, as described below.



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