Saint Goo‑Ling

Saint Goo-Ling is an Ascended Master in the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth.

The First Blessing – They Who Work For Peace

The Second Blessing – The Wise Ones

The Third Blessing – They Who Love

The Fourth Blessing – The Planetary Ones

The Fifth Blessing – The Thanksgivers

The Sixth Blessing – They Who Heal

The Seventh Blessing – The Mother Earth

The Eighth Blessing – The Mighty Sun

The Ninth Blessing – The Supreme Lords Of Karma

The Tenth Blessing – The Galaxy

The Eleventh Blessing – The Supreme Lords Of Creation

The Twelfth Blessing – The Absolute

The First Freedom – Bravery

The Second Freedom – Love

The Third Freedom – Service

The Fourth Freedom – Enlightenment

The Fifth Freedom – Cosmic Consciousness

The Sixth Freedom – Ascension

The Seventh Freedom – Interplanetary Existence

The Eighth Freedom – Saturnian Existence

The Ninth Freedom – Solar Existence

Watcher In The Night

The Three Saviours Are Here