The Master Jesus

The Master Jesus is the same Jesus who came to Earth some 2,000 years ago. He is not the one and only son of God, but a Cosmic Master from a higher plane of existence of the planet Venus.

The New Lord’s Prayer

The Prayer for Spiritual Workers

Action Is Essential (The Sorter Is Among You)

Ye Are Gods (Pray For These)

Fight Ye The Evil

Be Sane Ye Men

The First Blessing – They Who Work For Peace

The Second Blessing – The Wise Ones

The Third Blessing – They Who Love

The Fourth Blessing – The Planetary Ones

The Fifth Blessing – The Thanksgivers

The Sixth Blessing – They Who Heal

The Seventh Blessing – The Mother Earth

The Eighth Blessing – The Mighty Sun

The Ninth Blessing – The Supreme Lords Of Karma

The Tenth Blessing – The Galaxy

The Eleventh Blessing – The Supreme Lords Of Creation

The Twelfth Blessing – The Absolute

The Ninth Freedom – Solar Existence

The Three Saviours Are Here