The Three Saviours Are Here

• Sep 23, 1967 • Recommended for Members of The Aetherius Society
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On September 23, 1967, two earth-shattering Cosmic Transmissions were delivered through Dr. George King which heralded the start of a tremendous battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness in the lower astral realms of Earth – a battle called “Operation Karmalight.”

The first Transmission is given by Saint Goo-Ling, a prominent Member of the Great White Brotherhood, and reveals hitherto secret information about world conditions. This is followed by  an outstanding stirring speech by the Master Jesus who gives a very special Blessing to The Three Adepts – highly trained interplanetary masters who are ready to begin this battle on behalf of mankind.

Cosmic Transmissions should be treated with great reverence – you are strongly advised to prepare yourself before listening, as described below.



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