The Sixth Freedom – Ascension

• Mar 5, 1961
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Given through the mediumship of Dr. George King, The Nine Freedoms is a series of Cosmic Transmissions that contain profound revelations and practical teachings designed to inspire and guide us in our journey through evolution.

Unmatched in its brilliantly concise explanation of the meaning of life – both here on Earth and beyond – this wisdom gives a glimpse of existence beyond the cycle of reincarnation – through Ascension, and then further even than this, to Interplanetary Existence.

Each Freedom is introduced by the Ascended Master Saint Goo-Ling and the Ninth Freedom features a Transmission by the great Avatar known as the Master Jesus.


This is freedom from the cycle of reincarnation, also known as the “wheel of rebirth” – and could therefore be described as a state of immortality. An Ascended Master may change his or her body from time to time, but would do so consciously – without going through old age or childhood. And they would, it appears, not have to do this anything like as often as we do. The Ascended Master Saint Goo-Ling who introduces each of the Freedoms, for example, has been in the same physical body for some 2000 years.

To attain this Freedom, the Master has to not only have experienced Cosmic Consciousness, but be able to enter this state at will, which, we are told, is very much more demanding. Ascension cannot be gained by the average person in one life; it takes many lives of sustained spiritual effort – but, nevertheless, however distant it may seem, it is, Mars Sector 6 informs us, the birthright of us all to one day reach this mighty spiritual goal.

Ascended Masters do not need to remain on this planet at all – but they choose to do so, working mainly behind the scenes as it were, in order to help the rest of humanity to evolve.

Cosmic Transmissions should be treated with great reverence – you are strongly advised to prepare yourself before listening, as described below.



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