The First Freedom – Bravery

• Feb 12, 1961
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Given through the mediumship of Dr. George King, The Nine Freedoms is a series of Cosmic Transmissions that contain profound revelations and practical teachings designed to inspire and guide us in our journey through evolution.

Unmatched in its brilliantly concise explanation of the meaning of life – both here on Earth and beyond – this wisdom gives a glimpse of existence beyond the cycle of reincarnation – through Ascension, and then further even than this, to Interplanetary Existence.

Each Freedom is introduced by the Ascended Master Saint Goo-Ling and the Ninth Freedom features a Transmission by the great Avatar known as the Master Jesus.


Bravery requires that we recognize our own inner voice of truth and act upon this. Fear holds us back – it prevents us from becoming the people we were meant to be. The key to freeing ourselves from fear is – knowledge, since “knowledge of the right kind dispels fear.”

Mars Sector 6 tells us that if we have the right kind of knowledge, we can change our mental outlook – from one of fear – to one of fearlessness. He also tells us we can combat fear by improving our karmic pattern, through Service, and rising above the challenges and circumstances of our current environment.

Note that fearlessness should never be confused with foolishness – there is nothing fearful about taking due care or necessary precautions. Bravery could in fact hardly be more different from foolishness – being, as it is, a key step on the path to wisdom.

Cosmic Transmissions should be treated with great reverence – you are strongly advised to prepare yourself before listening, as described below.