UFOs, aliens and their spiritual message

The Door Of A Cosmic Mystery School Was Opened Unto Us

• Dec 17, 1978 • Recommended for Members of The Aetherius Society
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Many secrets have been revealed through The Aetherius Society over the years, and in this address Master of Yoga Dr. George King talks about one of the best-kept secrets of modern times: the inner workings of Satellite Number 3.

Satellite Number 3 has come into orbit of Earth in modern times since the mid-1950s, but previously we did not know exactly what it was doing, or how, in order to help humanity on Earth. We knew that anyone working with an unselfish motive was helped during this time, but we didn’t know exactly what the Cosmic Masters were doing to achieve this. As a result of the information in this address, we now have a much better idea. In fact, as far as Dr. King was concerned, these revelations were tantamount to opening the door of a Cosmic Mystery School.