Cosmic Missions

Transmutation Of Two Centers Of Evil And How This Affected The Spiritual Worker

• Sep 13, 1964 • Recommended for Members of The Aetherius Society
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This is information that is probably not available anywhere else on Earth to ordinary people. The forces of light won a great victory when two significant centers of evil, one on the lower astral plane and one of the physical plane of Earth, were transmuted by the Three Adepts less than two weeks before this address was given.

In this address, Master of Yoga Dr. George King reveals details of what these diabolical centers of evil were doing and what the effect will be on all spiritual workers around the world now that they have been transmuted.

During the battle on the lower astral realm, each of the Three Adepts was severely injured – two of them extremely severely – by the gruesome fighting that took place. The Adepts were not fighting for themselves – they were fighting for us. Open your hearts to the great lesson this battle offers, and send all of your love to these mighty three!