Cosmic Missions

Operation Sunbeam Is Accepted Into The Cosmic Plan

• Jun 11, 1966 • Recommended for Members of The Aetherius Society
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Operation Sunbeam is one of five Cosmic Missions performed by The Aetherius Society in cooperation with the Cosmic Masters.

In this landmark lecture, Master of Yoga Dr. George King offers his lucid commentary on a Transmission given by the Master Aetherius.

In the original Transmission, the Master Aetherius makes the bombshell announcement that he has decided to accept Operation Sunbeam “as an official act within the confines of the Cosmic Plan for the evolution of the Planet and those who reside upon Her.”

Dr. King talks about the outstanding significance of this move and what this opportunity means for Members of The Aetherius Society – an opportunity still available today. 


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